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Find the hidden, fill the scale

A test for assessing spatial working memory and processing visual-spatial information. The test starts with boxes displayed on the screen. The aim of this test is to choose a box and, using a process of elimination, find the yellow "tokens" and use them to fill the empty column on the right side. Depending on the level of difficulty/iteration, the number of boxes gradually increases until a maximum of 10 boxes are shown for searching.

Matching Colors

This test engages reaction speed, accuracy, and spatial color perception. In this test, a cross and a dot (always in the center) change their colors independently and in a chaotic manner. The respondent needs to press on the cross when the color of the dot matches the color of the cross.

Assessment of Basic Motor Skills

A cross appears on the screen, which the respondent must press, after which the cross will change its position. The test evaluates both response speed and positioning accuracy.

Search for the Correct Answer

This test is for identifying rules and the correct response. It's a computerized equivalent of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test. In this task, respondents must use feedback to establish a rule determining which stimulus is correct. After six correct answers, the stimuli and/or rules change. Initially, the task will involve simple stimuli, consisting only of a single dimension. Subsequently, composite stimuli are used: white lines are superimposed on pink figures.

Search for the Correct Sequence

Boxes are displayed on the screen, some of which briefly change color in a variable sequence. The respondent then has to select the boxes in the same order they changed color. The number of boxes in the sequence increases from two at the start of the test to ten at the end.

Search for the Presented Pattern

This test assesses attention and visual search, considering response speed, accuracy, and response complexity. The respondent is shown a complex visual pattern in the center of the screen. After a brief delay, varying amounts of similar patterns are displayed in a circle of rectangles around the perimeter. Only one of these patterns matches the pattern in the center of the screen, and the participant has to indicate which one by selecting it.

Search for the Correct Hidden Pattern

Assesses the ability for simultaneous visual matching, as well as short-term visual recognition memory for non-verbal patterns. The participant is shown a complex image, followed after a brief delay by four similar images. The respondent must choose the image that matches the sample.

Permutation to Replicate the Pattern

A spatial planning test that requires respondents to use problem-solving strategies. On the screen, a pattern and an interaction field are displayed. The respondent must move the balls in the lower field to replicate the ball arrangement from the pattern.

Remember the Position and Point Out

This test evaluates visual memory. Boxes are displayed on the screen and "open" in random order. One or several of them will contain an image. Then, the images are displayed in the center of the screen one by one, and the respondent must choose the box where the image was originally located. The number of mistakes made during each iteration and positioning accuracy are assessed.

Reaction Time, Accuracy

This test measures the speed of motor and cognitive reactions, as well as movement time, reaction time, accuracy, and impulsivity. The respondent must press and hold a button at the bottom of the screen. In one of the circles displayed above, a green dot appears and disappears; the respondent must react as quickly as possible, releasing the button at the bottom of the screen and pressing the circle that changed color.



Memotest includes a module for EEG recording, calculation of relative power of rhythms, and states such as Relaxation, Concentration, Fatigue, Anti-stress, Engagement, Attention, and Alertness.
NeuroPlay neuro headsets are used.

EmoDetect Mobile

Face analysis module using Google machine learning algorithms.

  • Smile detection
  • Left eye
  • Right eye
  • Initial data for all points
  • Engagement
  • Attention
  • Alertness

Coming soon:

  • Individual respondent calibration
  • Calculation of action units (AU): 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 12, 15

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Functional Capabilities


  • Cloud platform
  • Multiple accounts working with a single database (for conducting a single study)
  • 10 tests (2-3 new tests every quarter)
  • Areas of application
    • Determining the effects of medications
    • Color perception impairment
    • Memory impairment
    • Fine motor skills impairment
    • Schizophrenia
    • Depression and affective disorders
    • Autism spectrum disorder
    • Alzheimer's disease
    • Epilepsy
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Huntington's disease
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Down syndrome
  • Divided by experiments and respondents
  • Conducting automated tests (launching a test battery)
  • Viewing results directly in the app


  • NeuroPlay headsets
  • Dry active electrodes (no gel needed)
  • 4, 6, 8 channels of registration
  • Spectra calculation
  • State calculation
    • Relaxation
    • Concentration
    • Fatigue
    • Antistress
    • Engagement
    • Attention
    • Alertness
  • Adaptive state thresholds
  • Relative power calculation
  • State recording in CSV
  • Trigger markers


  • Face contour calculation based on Google machine learning algorithms
  • Smile detection
  • Degree of eye openness detection
  • Initial data for all contours
  • Coming soon:
    • Action Unit (AU) calculation
      • AU 1. Inner brow raiser.
      • AU 2. Outer brow raiser.
      • AU 4. Brow lowerer.
      • AU 5. Upper lid raiser.
      • AU 8. Lips toward each other.
      • AU 12. Lip corner puller.
      • AU 15. Lip corner depressor.
    • Individual respondent calibration

Delivery Set

Account for 1 year

  • All tests
  • Unlimited number of experiments and respondents
  • EEG module with NeuroPlay 6C headset (6 recording channels)
  • EmoDetect mobile module
  • Android tablet

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5 sets

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